Saturday, May 30, 2009

summer in the city

finally here in the new york, flew in friday afternoon, i don't even believe it
we're shacking up in a cute but tiny one bedroom for a week in the upper east side til we move into our 2 bedroom in grammercy, stoked
meet devin and michelle (in me and devins love nest)

last night we saw Up. it was amazing, see it. "I was hiding under the house because I love you!"and of course within my first few hours of being in new york I hit up Crumbs, the place is insane, probably 25-30 cupcake flavors. Sweet (in Orlando) still wins for best milk though.

today i got on the most packed subway ride of all time and proceeded to be humped by a large man who clearly had a solid 6 inches of room behind him (and in his pants, ugh)
the manicure/pedicure/massage that followed the subway ride made up for it

picking up in a few hours, its been awhile. letsdothis.

tomorrow we are hitting up central park for some much needed sun


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