Thursday, June 25, 2009

i've been doing a whole lot of not blogging and refuse to sum up the past week-ish in words and descriptives so here it is in pictures, some borrowed


'burg sundays


away we go, see it!

favorite spot in cp

High Line Park in SOHO/Meathpacking district, pretty cool, opened a week ago


the above and below are related, KIDNEY PHUN!

goals/plans for the upcoming week:

1. learn to be a better bullshitter
2. drink more water, pee more often- they go hand in hand
3. chelseas bday festivities tomorrow
4. cat scans
5. exploring/taking pictures
6. williamsburg sunday (lodge? 5 leaves?)
7. no more cupcakes, for now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long time, no blog

it is now Wednesday, technically Thursday and I'm not sure how exactly THAT happened.this week has been crazy busy at the Green Room and I feel like I havn't slept in forever.
I wish I blogged more, it helps me keep track of my days and lately they've been flying by.

here are a few more pics from the valsecrets event at the trump international world bar....
(pictures get bigger when you click em!)

Monday night we planned to all go to the Bryant park movie, unfortunately it ended up being rained out, but the 3 buck chucks we bought were not left untouched. My gypsy had quite the night, lesson learned : food is essential.(our first real MISadventure) One cab ride and a turkey burger later we were contented and passed out.

Tuesday was a super busy day in the office where I resumed my role as showroom model, comments about my T&A were shared (again) and lots of clothes were sold, woooohoo. Alex McCord (NY housewives) came in to choose some San&Soni to wear and she was super nice/normal. That night we went to the Big Drop event which was full of socialites and "celebrities", loved my outfit but I wasnt really sure what to do with myself. It was a charity event with no boozey so we kind of just showed face then dipped and went to a tapas bar, NOMNOMNOMNOM. ...

came home today to a clogged toilet and a giggling gaggle of girls (alliteration, sup?)
it still doesnt work but im crossing my fingers that it does tomorrow.

the weather man deserves a big fat cone of shame for being so consistentely wrong, its been about 65 and windy every day, pretty nice, but I hear real summer weather is on its way

On the plate: Away we go, Magnolia, High Line Park, MoMa, Comedy Club, and brunch at Egg again!

more bloggin to come,LEZDOTHIS


Sunday, June 14, 2009

(The pictures get big if you click on them)

Ive been no good at posting lately :/

Friday we were invited to the ValSecrets event at the Trump International World bar, Devin Sarah Krysta and I got there, figured we would just say hey to the hostess (Val) then do our own thing, but she ended up inviting us to hang at her table which meant free drinks, TRUE. Devin and I spent the first hour feeling not-cool enough for the crowd at this place but it turned out to be a good time. A ton of photographers were taking picures, I'll post them if they ever show up online. Devin is now interning for Keith Lissner and wore one of his Keith by Keith Lissner dresses, fucking cute. Sarah and I wore House of Spy and Bryna Nicole handbags (below)

Saturday Devin and I ventured out for yet another Ikea adventure in a romper and a sundress only to find out that it was rainy, windy and 60 degrees, miserable.

Sunday we had a very grown up day that consisted of Brunch with Devin's friend Ali at Egg, a cute hole in the wall restaurant in Williamsburg.
Egg Rothka, fucking delicious. We had a legitimate feast that has kept me full since.

After going through one of the burgs many flea markets (which was amazing, wish I wasn't so broke right now) we headed back to Gramercy to do laundry which turned out to be an infuriating adventure. After googling to find self-service laundromats and calling a few only to deal with people who live and work in America but refuse to learn the english language, we finally wandered over to a laundromat that had no idea what the words coming out of my mouth meant. I sat on a stoop and began to rage. So we wandered around some more and found a laundromat that spoke english and had self-service machines. we proceeded to launder while listening to mexican jams that were being played, read our books and of course got some GRAPE SODA and m&m's, the laundromat staple. NOMNOMNOM.

(if you have a washer/dryer in your apartment in NY then you know you've made it, I never knew how good I had it)

bizzy week coming up, more pictures soon!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

whoever said you "find yourself" in college is an idiot, you "find yourself" wherever you're supposed to be, and for me that's in this city. I'm not trying to get into heavy shit or anything with this post but it was basically the topic of conversation tonight with muh gypsy. we went to 71 irving place (a super cute cafe in an old brownstone down the street) (where of course we consumed a cupcake) anywho, long story short I never wish to return to my florida in the long term. I love so many people down there and want them all in my life all the time, but I feel at home here, gimme it all. A brownstone overlooking Gramercy Park or in the Burg, a long/ creatively satisfying career in the fashion industry, a heycupcake (seriously), good friends, good lovin, good family, some tots later on (seven? not the number).

People here don't look at me funny when I wear something a little odd, people here have genuine interest in you and what your goals are and in your ideas/opinions. Everyone I've met has so much passion for whatever they do (and in general) its intoxicating. People dont talk about things they want to do, they just do them. There's no routine to my days, not much anyway, besides the R train, but even that is a different experience every day haha. Its only been about 2 weeks since I've arrived but I cant imagine what its going to be like going back to Tally, like hitting the brakes I guess. Whoever said "if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere" was probably right.

Today was somewhat eventful, I intern one day a week at the Basically, it is a huge database that people use as a fashion search engine. As a user you fill out some dimensions of your body and your body type is configured, you then describe your style of dress (boho, stock broker, urban, etc.) and then you search for clothing by type, occassion, price range or all three. It's extremely detailed and is going to be pretty awesome when it launches. My boss Amanda at the Green Room is a fashion consultant for the site and has hooked up all of us interns at the coveted list once a week, its a pretty relaxed atmosphere, the work is a bit tedious because the site is still in its alpha stage and has so much work to be done but it's cool.

the weather has been poopy lately
hopefully this weekend is nicer, I want to walk the brooklyn bridge and hit up some parks

listen to bon iver

picture-heavy posts soon


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He raised the blinds, and there was the street below. Townies going up and down upon the land. Greased, efficient gears in the Village engine. Harmless.

"Relentless. Unstoppable. You cannot hope to defeat them. Nor, as a matter of fact, would you want to. Their defeat also means yours. When a host dies, he takes his virus with him. Viruses are fools- they work toward their own extinction. Not you. You will sustain the enemy as long as possible, and flourish.
"So why are they the enemy? Because they are bent on destroying you. They did it yesterday. They'll do it tomorrow. They're curing themselves of you as I speak- their serum in Indifference. Your job is to infect them, to elude their antidote, and to thrive. To make your thoughts into their obsessions, your whims into their rapacious desires. And I will show you how to do it. If this isn't what you had in mind, leave now to join them and become our food and save me considerable trouble. My job is to give you courage, cunning, power. To make you strong. To make you smarter. To make you ruthless. Because when you leave here, you are not just going to work.

You are going to war."

Monday, June 8, 2009

the past few days (picture heavy cause my brain is a scrambled mess)
first, meet my 2 new roommates... Chelsea and her main bitch Bella

(bella is clearly a superhero)

We moved from our upper east side 1 bedroom tiny apartment to Grammercy on Saturday, paid some crazy jacked romanian $50 to move all of our goods, I feared for my life during the short ride across town
lookin gnar

our building. stoop, sup?

the new apt is ridiculously large, by ny standards (and mine in general) the kitchen is eensy weensy but its brand new (so is the bathroom) so it makes up for itself. lobby area of our apt, i love et

me and devins room, the ancient windows are my favorite
after moving in saturday we all went back to the old place to spend our last night there, woke up and moved the remainder of our shiz to grammercy, then headed to brooklyn ikea via water taxi for some rando things
ikea brooklyn, prepare to be raped in t-minus one year (ish)chelsea being a lil kid, devin being stoked on her purchases
dropped off our shit and headed back to brooklyn for the second time that day, intense.

today was rough, nonstop but somewhat productive, lots of photoshopping and venturing to stores in greenwich village/soho to deliver lookbooks and decided I want to live there, plopped down in a coffee shop between errands and looked up and saw the empire state building, love this city.

talked to bailey tonight, miss her so much, she smoked out bon iver tonight, i dont know how she arranges these things, jealous.

in the past few minutes i've gotten urine and blood on my bed, none of which is mine. YES.

sleepytired, sleepytime.


6/7 lols with DG

"I like the pungency of yo kumquat gypsy"


Friday, June 5, 2009

today was wet, windy and cold
was splashed by about 4 taxis who attempted to take my life
made a handful of calls but mostly worked on lookbooks for bryna nicoles handbags, got the shipment in of all her samples, they look so good
after running a treacherous food/jamba errand I decided I would never again leave the comfort and warmth of the showroom when its raining ever again, I'd rather starve

made an eensy weensy cameo in vince's pilot (amanda's hubby) as the intro girl, its mostly a close up of my buhdunnk, then my buhhhdunk walking away from the camera and plopping itself on to a table and where I proceed to flip my hair. with or without my ass the pilot looks solid, sadly I wont be here during the film festival.

tonight was highlighted by some more crumbs cupcakes, the elvis and cappucino (the latter was better.) other than that im in a poopsie mood, the rain doesnt help, neither do my swollen feet, or missing people and being confused.
but wtf am I complaining about, I'm in New York, I can walk out my door and walk around til my feet bleed (and they do) without seeing the same person or place twice. after all the bs and bummin I will always have muh city.

on a lighter note, devin looks like a (parisian version) mushroom character from Mariodevin is clearly the shining star of my blog

moving to grammercy tomorrow, this means 3 whole rooms, and a floor that is actually visible through packages and clothes and suitcases. cutting my commute time in half wooop. I shall miss you upper east side, with your old people and babies and dogs.

listen to regina spektors "laughing with" its too good, so is "the call"


Thursday, June 4, 2009

sore from head to toe, need a massage and a small coma
loved my outfit today (and the clutch from the handbag line we just picked up by Bryna Nicole)
ate lunch with devin in bryant park

made a look book for our new organic cotton line today (cmarchuska) who we also attended an event for this evening in the lower east side

I've been applying to a bunch of places to bartend or serve at night/on weekends, gotten a few emails back but I wasnt too interested in the ones who did, we'll see!

tomorrow starts the weekend, planning to hit up the Burg and central park again

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the past 3 days have flown by
I absolutely love my internship, the people and atmosphere are beyond amazing
however I am exhausted, so this post will be short with no frills

day one: jumped right in, was flooded with information and a wee bit overwhelmed but its all good, I learn super fast. wore my plaid tulip puff skirt, love et. learned that part of the internship includes going to the events that amanda (my boss) gets invited to, and repping her lines by wearing them to the events. "so here's an incredible showroom, wear whatever you want to this legit event." dreams come true. went to a rooftop soiree for a store anniversary with everyone from the showroom, where we met the designer of a new handbag line (that we are now representing) that is suuuuuper cute. made delicious dragonberry mojitos at the bacardi lab table.
Sarah, Amanda, Amelia (Awww-Muh-Lee, shes teaching me french LE PUTES), Susan & myself (sporting some demon eyes)Susan, me & Sarah (in Yana K, Yana K & 213 Industry, respectively)

hotel empire rooftop, where the event was held, so nice. perfect weather/view

day two: dragged myself out of bed, attempted to balance a coffee on the subway, this failed miserably and a nice man let me take his seat. stole much of devins wardrobe (A line denim skirt, blazer, my favorite belt, flats) got to work and called a bunch of stores to come to our market week next june 9-11th (shop10018) then left to shop stores and handout lookbooks in brooklyn in an cutesy Yana K color block dress. Brooklyn was pretty legit, some parts moreso than others, I still need to make it over to the Burg though! Probably tommorow or Friday. Tuesday felt like the longest day of all time, exhaustion doesnt even begin to describe it. when I got home I was borderline delirious, I dont even know how I managed a shower. Devin and I have begun a hunt for night jobs, bartending or hostessing, either. I got an email back from a French cafe but idk how good the pay will be so I'm not sure about scheduling an interview.

brooklyn bridge, sup

we got off of the F train in brooklyn and were shocked that it was pouring, bummer

day three: bizzzzy bizzy, my ipod escorted me today which made my subway ride so very nice. made a ton of phone calls regarding shop10018 and got a few hits back. wore my favorite silky tulip layered pencil skirt and was complimented by three people, amanda and two designers nonetheless (Keith Lissner and San&Soni). Headed off to the San&Soni trunk show/event in the rain, helped set up and changed into one of their fall08 black mod-ish dresses which I am now in love with, sadly we must part with the dresses at the end of events. Pinkberry was at the event and I forgot to get some, this bothered me for some time after. free wine beer and tea and other rando things were served, nummnummnumm. Got some free DRU shoes tonight from Amanda, black patent leather mary janes, love them.

super tired, more posting and better pictures to come. waking up at 6:30 to get to the showroom by 8:15 because Neiman Marcus is coming in tommorrow. stoked about my outfit planned.


i guess this wasnt that short

lolz wif devin

"and this is my fake engagement ring!"

"..umm, wrong finger."