Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Ive been no good at posting lately :/

Friday we were invited to the ValSecrets event at the Trump International World bar, Devin Sarah Krysta and I got there, figured we would just say hey to the hostess (Val) then do our own thing, but she ended up inviting us to hang at her table which meant free drinks, TRUE. Devin and I spent the first hour feeling not-cool enough for the crowd at this place but it turned out to be a good time. A ton of photographers were taking picures, I'll post them if they ever show up online. Devin is now interning for Keith Lissner and wore one of his Keith by Keith Lissner dresses, fucking cute. Sarah and I wore House of Spy and Bryna Nicole handbags (below)

Saturday Devin and I ventured out for yet another Ikea adventure in a romper and a sundress only to find out that it was rainy, windy and 60 degrees, miserable.

Sunday we had a very grown up day that consisted of Brunch with Devin's friend Ali at Egg, a cute hole in the wall restaurant in Williamsburg.
Egg Rothka, fucking delicious. We had a legitimate feast that has kept me full since.

After going through one of the burgs many flea markets (which was amazing, wish I wasn't so broke right now) we headed back to Gramercy to do laundry which turned out to be an infuriating adventure. After googling to find self-service laundromats and calling a few only to deal with people who live and work in America but refuse to learn the english language, we finally wandered over to a laundromat that had no idea what the words coming out of my mouth meant. I sat on a stoop and began to rage. So we wandered around some more and found a laundromat that spoke english and had self-service machines. we proceeded to launder while listening to mexican jams that were being played, read our books and of course got some GRAPE SODA and m&m's, the laundromat staple. NOMNOMNOM.

(if you have a washer/dryer in your apartment in NY then you know you've made it, I never knew how good I had it)

bizzy week coming up, more pictures soon!


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