Wednesday, June 17, 2009

long time, no blog

it is now Wednesday, technically Thursday and I'm not sure how exactly THAT happened.this week has been crazy busy at the Green Room and I feel like I havn't slept in forever.
I wish I blogged more, it helps me keep track of my days and lately they've been flying by.

here are a few more pics from the valsecrets event at the trump international world bar....
(pictures get bigger when you click em!)

Monday night we planned to all go to the Bryant park movie, unfortunately it ended up being rained out, but the 3 buck chucks we bought were not left untouched. My gypsy had quite the night, lesson learned : food is essential.(our first real MISadventure) One cab ride and a turkey burger later we were contented and passed out.

Tuesday was a super busy day in the office where I resumed my role as showroom model, comments about my T&A were shared (again) and lots of clothes were sold, woooohoo. Alex McCord (NY housewives) came in to choose some San&Soni to wear and she was super nice/normal. That night we went to the Big Drop event which was full of socialites and "celebrities", loved my outfit but I wasnt really sure what to do with myself. It was a charity event with no boozey so we kind of just showed face then dipped and went to a tapas bar, NOMNOMNOMNOM. ...

came home today to a clogged toilet and a giggling gaggle of girls (alliteration, sup?)
it still doesnt work but im crossing my fingers that it does tomorrow.

the weather man deserves a big fat cone of shame for being so consistentely wrong, its been about 65 and windy every day, pretty nice, but I hear real summer weather is on its way

On the plate: Away we go, Magnolia, High Line Park, MoMa, Comedy Club, and brunch at Egg again!

more bloggin to come,LEZDOTHIS


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