Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the past 3 days have flown by
I absolutely love my internship, the people and atmosphere are beyond amazing
however I am exhausted, so this post will be short with no frills

day one: jumped right in, was flooded with information and a wee bit overwhelmed but its all good, I learn super fast. wore my plaid tulip puff skirt, love et. learned that part of the internship includes going to the events that amanda (my boss) gets invited to, and repping her lines by wearing them to the events. "so here's an incredible showroom, wear whatever you want to this legit event." dreams come true. went to a rooftop soiree for a store anniversary with everyone from the showroom, where we met the designer of a new handbag line (that we are now representing) that is suuuuuper cute. made delicious dragonberry mojitos at the bacardi lab table.
Sarah, Amanda, Amelia (Awww-Muh-Lee, shes teaching me french LE PUTES), Susan & myself (sporting some demon eyes)Susan, me & Sarah (in Yana K, Yana K & 213 Industry, respectively)

hotel empire rooftop, where the event was held, so nice. perfect weather/view

day two: dragged myself out of bed, attempted to balance a coffee on the subway, this failed miserably and a nice man let me take his seat. stole much of devins wardrobe (A line denim skirt, blazer, my favorite belt, flats) got to work and called a bunch of stores to come to our market week next june 9-11th (shop10018) then left to shop stores and handout lookbooks in brooklyn in an cutesy Yana K color block dress. Brooklyn was pretty legit, some parts moreso than others, I still need to make it over to the Burg though! Probably tommorow or Friday. Tuesday felt like the longest day of all time, exhaustion doesnt even begin to describe it. when I got home I was borderline delirious, I dont even know how I managed a shower. Devin and I have begun a hunt for night jobs, bartending or hostessing, either. I got an email back from a French cafe but idk how good the pay will be so I'm not sure about scheduling an interview.

brooklyn bridge, sup

we got off of the F train in brooklyn and were shocked that it was pouring, bummer

day three: bizzzzy bizzy, my ipod escorted me today which made my subway ride so very nice. made a ton of phone calls regarding shop10018 and got a few hits back. wore my favorite silky tulip layered pencil skirt and was complimented by three people, amanda and two designers nonetheless (Keith Lissner and San&Soni). Headed off to the San&Soni trunk show/event in the rain, helped set up and changed into one of their fall08 black mod-ish dresses which I am now in love with, sadly we must part with the dresses at the end of events. Pinkberry was at the event and I forgot to get some, this bothered me for some time after. free wine beer and tea and other rando things were served, nummnummnumm. Got some free DRU shoes tonight from Amanda, black patent leather mary janes, love them.

super tired, more posting and better pictures to come. waking up at 6:30 to get to the showroom by 8:15 because Neiman Marcus is coming in tommorrow. stoked about my outfit planned.


i guess this wasnt that short

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