Friday, June 5, 2009

today was wet, windy and cold
was splashed by about 4 taxis who attempted to take my life
made a handful of calls but mostly worked on lookbooks for bryna nicoles handbags, got the shipment in of all her samples, they look so good
after running a treacherous food/jamba errand I decided I would never again leave the comfort and warmth of the showroom when its raining ever again, I'd rather starve

made an eensy weensy cameo in vince's pilot (amanda's hubby) as the intro girl, its mostly a close up of my buhdunnk, then my buhhhdunk walking away from the camera and plopping itself on to a table and where I proceed to flip my hair. with or without my ass the pilot looks solid, sadly I wont be here during the film festival.

tonight was highlighted by some more crumbs cupcakes, the elvis and cappucino (the latter was better.) other than that im in a poopsie mood, the rain doesnt help, neither do my swollen feet, or missing people and being confused.
but wtf am I complaining about, I'm in New York, I can walk out my door and walk around til my feet bleed (and they do) without seeing the same person or place twice. after all the bs and bummin I will always have muh city.

on a lighter note, devin looks like a (parisian version) mushroom character from Mariodevin is clearly the shining star of my blog

moving to grammercy tomorrow, this means 3 whole rooms, and a floor that is actually visible through packages and clothes and suitcases. cutting my commute time in half wooop. I shall miss you upper east side, with your old people and babies and dogs.

listen to regina spektors "laughing with" its too good, so is "the call"


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