Wednesday, June 10, 2009

whoever said you "find yourself" in college is an idiot, you "find yourself" wherever you're supposed to be, and for me that's in this city. I'm not trying to get into heavy shit or anything with this post but it was basically the topic of conversation tonight with muh gypsy. we went to 71 irving place (a super cute cafe in an old brownstone down the street) (where of course we consumed a cupcake) anywho, long story short I never wish to return to my florida in the long term. I love so many people down there and want them all in my life all the time, but I feel at home here, gimme it all. A brownstone overlooking Gramercy Park or in the Burg, a long/ creatively satisfying career in the fashion industry, a heycupcake (seriously), good friends, good lovin, good family, some tots later on (seven? not the number).

People here don't look at me funny when I wear something a little odd, people here have genuine interest in you and what your goals are and in your ideas/opinions. Everyone I've met has so much passion for whatever they do (and in general) its intoxicating. People dont talk about things they want to do, they just do them. There's no routine to my days, not much anyway, besides the R train, but even that is a different experience every day haha. Its only been about 2 weeks since I've arrived but I cant imagine what its going to be like going back to Tally, like hitting the brakes I guess. Whoever said "if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere" was probably right.

Today was somewhat eventful, I intern one day a week at the Basically, it is a huge database that people use as a fashion search engine. As a user you fill out some dimensions of your body and your body type is configured, you then describe your style of dress (boho, stock broker, urban, etc.) and then you search for clothing by type, occassion, price range or all three. It's extremely detailed and is going to be pretty awesome when it launches. My boss Amanda at the Green Room is a fashion consultant for the site and has hooked up all of us interns at the coveted list once a week, its a pretty relaxed atmosphere, the work is a bit tedious because the site is still in its alpha stage and has so much work to be done but it's cool.

the weather has been poopy lately
hopefully this weekend is nicer, I want to walk the brooklyn bridge and hit up some parks

listen to bon iver

picture-heavy posts soon


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