Sunday, May 31, 2009

woke up super late, bought some overpriced sandwiches and went to central park with devin and michelle where we made a friend named katie who tried to eat half my lunch

(that would be katie^)

a huge jewish parade and some rain set us back but it was a pretty legit picnic, I love central park, definetly going back (click the picture below to see the whole thing)

after a nap and some reading devin and I set out on a small adventure to locate my internship before tomorrow morning, avoid all reflective surfaces, and eat some chipotle in bryant park (devins first chipotle experience, I dont get it) I love bryant park, its about 5 minutes from my internship so I'll probably hit it up for lunch as much as possible.

after masterfully navigating the subways we made it to the cute restaurant where michelle works and got two delicious (and one not so good) desserts for freeeee

tommorow I start my internship at The Green Room, kinda nervous- mostly about the condition of my feet, they resent all the shoes I've been wearing

the front of our current apartment....


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